Some of my front-end projects. For more please visit my Github.


My personal blog about web and accessibility. Build on 11ty static site generator, it's blazing fast, and scores 100% in Lighthouse audit.

Ranyboskie.pl project thumbnailLive demo

Product Breakfast Club Website

Website for PBC Podcast, written in Vue.js, designed by Mateusz Wierzbicki.

Product Breakfast Club Website project thumbnailGithub

Online Quiz

Quiz written in Vue.js with QR code.

Online Quiz project thumbnailGithubLive demo

Google maps GeoJSON editor

App for creating GeoJSON file with custom props using Google Maps API.

Google maps GeoJSON editor project thumbnailGithub

Nasa Asteroid Tracker

Simple app for tracking near earth objects.

Nasa Asteroid Tracker project thumbnailGithubLive demo

Gulp Dev Setup

Complete Dev setup with Gulp, Sass, Pug, Babel and more.

Gulp Dev Setup project thumbnailGithub

JS Lightbox Gallery

Simple javaScript Lightbox gallery.

JS Lightbox Gallery project thumbnailGithubLive demo

Decision Making System PWA

Simple widget, that'll help you decide what's right. Written as Progressive Web App

Decision Making System PWA project thumbnailGithubLive demo

Twister Spinner

My very first JS project - Twister Spinner with speech synthesizer.

Twister Spinner project thumbnailGithubLive demo